Types of Wines




There are six types of wines:

  1. Red wine — Dark black grapes are used to make red wine, including the skins and seeds. The elongated contact of the pressed grape juice with pigments of the skins is what gives the red wine its color.  The main difference between red wines and others wines is the presence of tannins, which come from the skins and the seeds.
  2. Rosé wine – Rosé wine is also made from the dark black grapes, but the skins and seeds are removed after only brief contact. This wine contains very few tannins, hence the naturally sweet taste.
  3. White wine — White grapes are used to make white wines, though some are made with black grapes. There is no contact with the skin, hence no color.
  4. Sparkling wines — These wines can be made from just about any grape type, and they contain carbon dioxide bubbles, hence being fizzy. Most people call this type of wine Champagne, but only sparkling wine made in the region of Champagne in France can actually be labeled thus.
  5. Fortified wines – These wines aren’t just traditional wines, but stronger spirits like Brandy are added into the wine. The addition of stronger alcohol causes a higher sugar content, and there is less fermentation.
  6. Dessert wines — These wines are higher in sugar, as they are either harvested late or dried on straw mats to concentrate the sugar. They are sweet, and thus served as a dessert. All of these types of wine are tasty, but not all of them offer the same benefits.